Does Salesforce CRM benefits Nonprofit Organizations?

  Yes...! Many Nonprofit organizations around the world  use  Salesforce as their CRM —  Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud . Salesforce will help Nonprofit organizations to strengthen and build important relationships and opportunities. Categorizing supporters by issue and interest areas, tracking membership activities, and streamlining the donation process, Salesforce empowers Nonprofit organizations to manage their confidential data effectively. Benefits from a CRM  1.  Automation Almost all your requirements can be customized and automated and help you save time when it comes to dealing with tasks and your daily activities. Fundraising tracking, sending marketing and follow-up emails, calls, leads are some examples of automation processes. All you have to do is gather all of the information you’ll need to organize your next action or follow-up. 2.  Data Management Many organizations depend on Excel sheets to store data and contacts. Salesforce will help in the collection and